Circular, Square and FlatBars, Angles, T Profiles

(Sectional Steel)

Our bar offer includes circular, square, and flat bars, angles, and T profiles.

Purchase options:

Sectional steel held by us in our stock can be purchased as whole bars with a length of 6m (rolled) or 3m (drawn).

The material can be cut to lengths specified by the customer. The material cut in this way can be purchased with or without trimmings.

The material to be ordered can only be purchased as whole or cut bars, with a length of 6m for rolled steel or 3m for drawn steel, for special steels based on suppliers‘ possibilities.

The prices are fixed on the basis of the total quantity and required lengths of individual pieces. We will be pleased to inform you about the current price by phone or by e-mail.
Standards and qualities:
Bars, circular EN10060 EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M
Bars, square EN10059 EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M
Bars, flat and wide steels EN10058 and DIN59200
EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M
EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M
Bars, L profile (equilateral and non-equilateral) EN10056
EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M
Bars, T profile EN10055 EN10025: S235JR, S355J2 +AR,+M

Cold-rolled, drawn:

Bars, drawn circular, square, flat EN10277/EN10278 S235JRC, S355J2C +C,+SH

bar, circular

bar, square

bar, flat