About the company

KLIMEX Hutnícky materiál s.r.o. is trading company for wholesale and retail of the basic range of metallurgical material. Our main suppliers are steelworks in Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and other EU countries that are a guarantee of high-quality of certified materials.

Firm Ľuboš Klimo – KLIMEX was established in 1993 as a company focussing on the sale of sheets, girder sections, square sections, flat bars, hollow sections, tubes, concrete reinforcing steel bars, and welded meshes. In 2007, the company was transformed to the trading company KLIMEX Hutnícky materiál s.r.o.

Stored in the warehouse and available for prompt purchase are more than 10,000 tons of metallurgical materials. The loading is done by means of remotely controlled bridge cranes and high-lift trucks. As a part of their full delivery service, the company provides distribution of material and products to the destination by means of own transport vehicles, especially semi-trailers with a bearing capacity of 24 tons, but also vehicles equipped with hydraulic arms with bearing capacities of 7, 9.5 and 12 tons.

We purchased a combined cutting line by means of EU funds in 2010. The line is intended for cross and longitudinal division of coils into standard and atypical sizes of panels and bands based on individual  customer requirements; it is a major step forward for us in our supply of services to customers. We keep offering the cutting of material by burning and cutting, shearing to precise dimensions as well as technical consultancy.

We wish to be the supplier of choice for our customers.

We offer:

  • high-quality certified materials and products suitable for the most demanding processing in the customers’ production processes,
  • complete solutions for the customer, including demanding and above-standard material treatment services in modern service centres, with a guaranteed high quality of the output,
  • an immediate availability of goods, or promptness in the provision of required quantity within a minimum lead-time,
  • a strategically favourable location of service centres in Western and Central Slovakia,
  • competent consultancy and many years of experience in the sales of metallurgical materials,
  • a stable and absolutely professional and helpful team of sellers,
  • complementary services as needed by the customer (transport of goods to the destination, unloading with a hydraulic arm, minimum waiting times for delivery of goods).


The find the material availability to our customers crucial. We can provide it thanks to:

  • the network of branches in key areas (Trnava, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Dunajská Streda),
  • the strategical deployment of warehouses with the total area of 30,000 square meters,
  • an efficiently controlled logistics.


Tradition, trustworthiness, and a wide range of offered services are the main attributes of KLIMEX Hutnícky materiál, s.r.o. Currently, the company has a wide customer base in the building, engineering or metalworking sectors.

Our objective is to offer professional approach and maximum customer satisfaction in every respect.