Hot-Rolled Steel Sheets

(Steel Sheets)

Owing to a wide range of qualities, hot-rolled steel sheets are suitable for structural uses, production of bent profiles, welded pipe structures, and machine parts.


Standard structural quality S235

Sheets, bands, and plates of these qualities are suitable for welding and pressing and have a good formability. They are used for a wide range of productions, from smaller-thickness structures to bridge and crane beams, bent profiles as well as parts of water-pipe, heat, and energy equipment.

Standard high-strength structural quality steel S355

Non-alloy structural fine grain quality steel is suitable for welding. It is used for production of bridge and other welded structures, bent profiles, structures made from welded hollow sections.

Purchase options:
Hot-rolled steel sheets can be purchased as whole plates sized 1,000/2,000mm, 1,250/2,500mm or 1,500/3,000mm, with a thickness of 2 – 12mm. We will be pleased to  supply non-standard length and widths cut sizes as well as bands with a minimum thickness of xxx mm as specified by the customer.

Structural steels – EN 10025
Thin sheets made of non-alloy structural steels, S235, S275, S355; quality grades JR, J2; delivery conditions +AR, +N

Low-carbon steels for cold forming – EN 10111

Thin sheets made of low-carbon steels for cold forming
DD11, DD12

High-strength microalloyed steels

Thin sheets made of quality alloy steel QStE380TM – SEW092

Thin sheets made of quality alloy steels – EN 10149, S355MC,

The prices are fixed on the basis of the total quantity and required dimensions of individual plates. We will be pleased to inform you about the current price by phone or by e-mail.